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This site was built to implement my philosophy of a diary-like note taking app

It has been part of my work habits for years to keep a diary-like set of notes on what I work on every day for jobs or projects that I have worked on. I've always wanted to have an online, synced version of it, but I could never find a solution for it that did what I want, so I decided to start building my own. The things that I'm looking for, and thus the primary goals of this site are:

I'm not actively marketing it at this time, but if you find it, you're welcome to use it. I will be adding features to it periodically, but with the goal of being better at the above things. Things like better searching, more options for displaying notes, live updating and syncing, and maybe Google Drive file import and export might happen at some point. I'm not likely to add things like formatting and graphics options or buttons to share to TwitFaceLinkedInstaTumblReddit.

Google login integration is now done and ready. If you're logged into a Google account, just click the link to create an account or login, based on your email.