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Have you ever wondered exactly what you did on a project 6 months ago, and spent hours searching through old emails and calendar entries, trying to figure it out? Have you wrestled with flipping through written notebooks or messy folders full of documents describing what you did? Start using this website to keep information about your daily activities, and see how it solves these problems.

Write some freeform notes about what you're working on every day, and they will be stored on this website and accessible anytime. You can do a text search through your old notes, browse to a specific date, or page through your notes to get a better idea of what you did then. You'll also find it helpful to have a single place to keep track of everything you need to do today, and what progress you have made on each task. It's free-form on purpose - don't worry about conforming to a format of to-do lists or other systems, just write!

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